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1. Current Sensor
The open loop style current sensor utilizing hall effect sensor notify us when the batteries should be exchanged and when the maintenance is needed according to the status of batteries

2. CO2 sensor
NDIR CO2 Sensor is specially designed for measuring CO2 in harsh and humid environments and its applications include safety alarming and leakage monitoring, demand-controlled ventilation in the vihicle


Output Voltage 0.5~4.5V(e.g 1.0V = 1,000ppm)
Recognize as Abnormal Signal
0.5V < & > 4.5V
Display Range 500~4,500ppm
Accuracy ±5%
Resolution 20 ppm
Dimension 48 x 48 x 16mm
Application Control & monitor air condition in the vehicle
Reduce the electric consumption of HVAC
Prevent the drivers from sleepy driving

3. ADS (Auto Defog Sensor)
ADS installed on the windshield, detects internal & external temperatures of the vehicle and the humidity around the window. In then sends the temperature data to the HVAC system, and HVAC system controls defogging in the vehicle